"When I looked for Liz's help, last June, I was in a really bad place. Just had a miscarriage and didn't know how to endure the grief and pain. The miscarriage also started back my anxiety, panic attacks ans affected my ulcerative colitis, what made everything seem too much and overwhelming.

Liz used CBT approach with me, which helped me to control my bad thoughts. I had a tendency to predict the worst scenarios and outcomes, result of trauma and low self-esteem. With therapy I learned how to handle better the anxiety, using some exercises (mindfulness) to refocus my thoughts and myself.

When I started my treatment with Elizabeth, I believed I wouldn't be happy again, but with hard work I managed, and I feel truly happy. The anxiety is not totally gone, but I can cope better and I do understand where it's coming from, what helps to control any crisis.

Definitely without Liz's help I don't know how I would be now.

She is a great therapist, a caring person that definitely will do everything to help you"